A colorfully stained section of a mouse hippocampus features scores of brightly glowing spiny-looking cells scattered throghout layers of tissue stained in blue and red
November 16, 2023
How a mutation in microglia elevates Alzheimer’s risk
A blue-hued cartoon shows a transparent head on the left in profile with a brain inside. Big slow waves emanate from marked points in the brain into the space on the right.
November 8, 2023
Anesthesia blocks sensation by cutting off communication within the cortex
Elly Nedivi smiles as she sits in a chair in a library
November 6, 2023
Award honors Elly Nedivi’s research on cortical plasticity
A cross-section of a mouse's brain is stained royal blue. Around the outer edge along the top there are many bright pink spots.
November 2, 2023
New grant to study possibility of an immunotherapy for autism
An operating room scene shows a patient on a table. Our perspective is from behind the anesthesiologist who holds a mask on the patient's face and watches a monitor with a bunch of indicators. A surgeon stands out of focus on the far end of the patient.
October 31, 2023
Anesthesia technology precisely controls unconsciousness in animal tests

Study shows how a single neuron’s parallel outputs can coordinate many aspects of behavior

September 27, 2023
Research Findings
In C. elegans worms, a single neuron named HSN uses multiple chemicals and connections to orchestrate egg-laying and locomotion over the course of several minutes

Individual neurons mix multiple RNA edits of key synapse protein, fly study finds

September 18, 2023
Research Findings
Neurons stochastically generated up to eight different versions of a protein regulating neurotransmitter release, which could vary how they communicate with other cells

Study decodes surprising approach mice take in learning

September 14, 2023
Research Findings
Neurotypical humans readily optimize performance in ‘reversal learning’ games, but while mice learn the winning strategy, they refuse to commit to it, a new study shows. The research provides a mathematical way to track the rodents’ more mixed tactics

The Sleeping Brain

September 14, 2023
Neural activity during sleep has a signature structure that the brain uses to make profound improvements in our thinking and wellness

Molecule reduces inflammation in Alzheimer’s models

August 29, 2023
Research Findings
A potential new Alzheimer’s drug represses the harmful inflammatory response of the brain’s immune cells, reducing disease pathology, preserving neurons and improving cognition in preclinical tests

Study connects neural gene expression differences to functional distinctions

August 23, 2023
Research Findings
Researchers compared a pair of superficially similar motor neurons in fruit flies to examine how their differing use of the same genome produced distinctions in form and function

Cracking the code that relates brain and behavior in a simple animal

August 21, 2023
Research Findings
MIT researchers model and map how neurons across the tiny brain of a C. elegans worm encode its behaviors, revealing many new insights about the robustness and flexibility of its nervous system

Summer research opportunity can be a springboard to advanced studies

August 3, 2023
Picower People
The paths three graduate students forged to the same Picower Institute lab illustrate the value of participating in the MIT Summer Research Program in Biology and Neuroscience.

Study finds tracking brain waves could reduce post-op complications

July 17, 2023
Research Findings
Distinctive EEG patterns indicate when a patient’s state of unconsciousness under general anesthesia is more profound than necessary.

Brain networks encoding memory come together via electric fields, study finds

July 10, 2023
Research Findings
New research provides evidence that electric fields shared among neurons via “ephaptic coupling” provide the coordination necessary to assemble the multi-region neural ensembles (“engrams”) that represent remembered information.

New award funds study of a remarkable example of neural regeneration

July 1, 2023
New Research
A three-year fellowship will support Brady Weissbourd’s research on how the C. hemisphaerica jellyfish survives and thrives by constantly making new neurons.

Petite & Profound

June 22, 2023
Research Feature
Why studying simple organisms—none larger than the palm of your hand—is so integral to understanding nervous system health, disease and evolution.