Earl Miller delivers a lecture
October 15, 2018
Earl Miller wins George A. Miller Prize in Cognitive Neuroscience
Artist rendition of synapses
October 9, 2018
Protein has unique effects in neural connections related to information processing
An operating room vital signs monitor shows EEG readings
September 30, 2018
Focus on neuroscience, nociception to improve anesthesia, paper says
A portrait of Matheus Victor in the Building 46 atrium
September 12, 2018
With sense of humility, responsibility new MIT postdoc begins HHMI fellowship
two sets of three images each show growth, or lack thereof, of dendrites beyond a marker set at day zero in 6-month and 18-month old mice
August 20, 2018
Antidepressant restores youthful flexibility to aging inhibitory neurons in mice

Study shows where brain transforms seeing into acting

July 3, 2018
Research Findings

MIT scientists discover fundamental rule of brain plasticity

June 22, 2018
Research Findings
When a synapse strengthens, others immediately nearby weaken

Protein pair quickly makes memories of new places

June 4, 2018
Research Findings
Encountering novel contexts cues the brain to churn out neurogranin

Neuroscientists discover roles of gene linked to Alzheimer’s

May 31, 2018
Research Findings
Study reveals why people with the APOE4 gene have higher risk of the disease

Fighting toxic stress tough but possible, symposium speakers say

May 14, 2018
'You have to really take the time to understand'

Brain circuit helps us learn by watching others

May 3, 2018
Research Findings
Scientists pinpoint neural interactions that are necessary for observational learning.

Symposium speaks to the many powers of brain rhythms

April 9, 2018
11 experts convened at Picower April 4

A heavy working memory load may sink brainwave ‘synch’

April 5, 2018
Research Findings
At capacity coupling between key regions breaks down

Study IDs important role for specific gene in 16p11.2 deletion autism

March 20, 2018
Research Findings
Study finds MVP protein needed for homeostatic plasticity

"What made me aware I wanted to study the brain?"

March 18, 2018
Brain Awareness Week 2018
Picower Institute researchers discuss their early inspiration

Making waves for health

March 1, 2018
News feature
Innovative insights, methods raise clnical potential of instilling brain waves

How flashing lights and pink noise might banish Alzheimer’s, improve memory and more

February 28, 2018
In the media
Neuroscientists are getting excited about non-invasive procedures to tune the brain’s natural oscillations