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Volunteers Needed!  2 Week Non-Invasive Light and Sound Study of the Brain

IRB #1808497067

This study looks at the effect of a non-invasive device to treat Alzheimer’s disease using light and sound over a 14-day period 

Individuals should be: between the ages of 55-85, no history of seizures, not experiences symptoms of memory loss or cognitive impairment. 

This Study Involves:

 • 2 weeks of daily at home visual and auditory stimulation for 60 minutes every day. 

 • Pre- and post- assessments in a lab setting at MIT including: EEG recording, fMRI and cognitive health evaluations

 • One follow-up phone call 7 days after the completion of the daily stimulation

 • Financial compensation of up to $300 upon completion of the study

Are You Eligible? 

 • Be between the ages of 55-85 

 • Have no history of cognitive impairment, dementia, seizures, epilepsy, stroke or other significant neurological disorders. 

 • Have no history of traumatic brain injury or brain surgery

 • Not currently taking psychiatric medications (e.g. antidepressants, antipsychotics, etc.) nor medications for the treatment of dementia 

 • No history of visual or hearing impairment (ex. cataracts or hearing aids)

 • No previous involvement in light and/or sound stimulation therapies targeting memory or Alzheimer's Disease 

If Interested, please contact Danielle Stark ( for more information.]

Research Study Volunteers Needed

IRB # 1804343699A001:

The Neuroscience Statistics Research Laboratory is looking for healthy volunteers to participate in a study about physiological signals. Electrodermal activity (EDA) measures sweat gland activity in the skin. Heartrate variability is a normally occurring phenomenon in all people. EEG measures brain activity. All you will be asked to do is come to our lab and spend about 3 hours with several electrodes attached to your non-dominant hand and wrist, a few standard adhesive medical electrodes on the torso and forehead, and a belt around the torso to collect data. During the first hour, you can bring something to read or watch; we just ask that you not sleep or type on a computer using the hand with electrodes. During the second hour, we will ask you to do several tasks intended to cause changes in your “fight-or-flight” response, like breathing along with a metronome, standing and sitting repeatedly, looking at specific pictures, gripping and holding a dynamometer at a certain force, dipping your hand in a container of ice water, and being strapped to a tilt table. You will be reimbursed for your time with a gift card for $10 at the end.

If interested, please contact Sandya Subramanian (


Massachusetts Institute of Technology
43 Vassar Street, Bldg. 46-1303
Cambridge, MA 02139
(+1) 617-324-0305
(+1) 617-452-2588