Colorful image of a neuron in a brain slice

Areas of Need

Researchers at the Picower Institute devote their careers to revolutionary lines of inquiry into the fundamental brain science behind learning and memory. Many of these breakthroughs lay the groundwork for actionable therapies—and it all starts with the support of generous donors. You can help accelerate progress in areas of greatest need by giving to our discretionary fund or one of our targeted funds.

Anesthesia Initiative Fund

Support a new research effort  to improve patient care and advance clinical neuroscience by integrating neuroscience and anesthesiology.

Catalyst Program

The Picower Institute “Catalyst” Program (PICP) is a gift matching fund which leverages donations to jump start research partnerships with private sponsors. The Catalyst Program supports researchers to better understand how the brain learns and encodes memories and how we might treat diseases that affect this process.  To date, each dollar donated to the Catalyst program has resulted in an additional $29 of vital research support.

Director’s Discretionary Fund

Give our researchers the ability to vigorously pursue emerging breakthroughs in fundamental neuroscience and brain illnesses by supporting our most urgent needs.

Developmental Disorders Research Fund

Help further our work on a range of brain-related disorders—autism, dyslexia, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), Down syndrome, social cognition—that impede development in children and adults.

Fellowship Fund

Support stipends for the next generation of world-class neuroscientists—graduate students and postdoctoral fellows who are launching their research careers at the Picower Institute.

Innovation Fund

Advance high-risk, high-reward research innovations that explore frontiers beyond the support of traditional funding sources—innovations that have the potential to develop into new treatments and therapies.

Psychiatric Research Fund

Boost our efforts to unravel the neurological bases of devastating conditions such as depression, schizophrenia, and anxiety disorders.

The Aging Brain Initiative Fund

Promote interdisciplinary research that is striving to identify and model the biomarkers of brain aging, develop circuit-specific therapeutics and personalized treatments, and demonstrate how to promote brain resilience.

The Alana Down Syndrome Center

Support research to deepen knowledge about Down syndrome and to improve health, autonomy and inclusion of people with this genetic condition.

To Make a TrANSFORMATIONAL Gift, Contact:

Asha Bhakar, PhD
Director of Development
(617) 258-0759