Aug 11, 2018
An image of green microglia
ApoE: Common Microglial Culprit in Aging, Alzheimer’s, and Tauopathy?
Li-Huei Tsai comments to Alzforum
Aug 09, 2018
Glutamate release at individual synapses
Image of the Day: Researchers have identified what makes synapses strong or weak in fruit flies.
The Scientist features research from Troy Littleton's lab
Aug 01, 2018
green staining shows MVP protein in neurons
Blocking key enzyme eases memory problems, anxiety in autism mice
Mriganka Sur comments on his related resesarch
Jul 31, 2018
A tangle of neurons, colored ice blue, shimmer in the PPC of a mouse.
Video: How the brain transforms vision into action
STAT reports on recent research by Mriganka Sur's lab
Jul 25, 2018
Earl Miller addresses a symposium audience
This mind-controlled robotic arm lets you do two things at once
Earl Miller puts claimed innovation in perspective
Jul 25, 2018
An organoid with APOE4 shows microglia in red an amyloid plaque in green
The search for better animal models of Alzheimer’s disease
In Nature, Li-Huei Tsai notes the role human organoids can play