Scientists discover extensive brainwave patterns

A portrait of Earl Miller
April 16, 2024

Memories are made by breaking DNA — and fixing it

March 27, 2024

snRNA-seq Reveals Remarkable Cellular and Molecular Overlap between ALS and FTLD

A portrait of Myriam Heiman with plants in the background
March 22, 2024

Light and sound therapy for Alzheimer’s may also prevent 'chemo brain'

Two panels on a black background show cells on the left lit brightly in green while the cells on the right show much less green and are mostly red.
March 8, 2024

A New Headset Aims to Treat Alzheimer’s With Light and Sound

March 6, 2024

Flickering Light Can Slow Alzheimer's Disease, MIT Scientists Say

A coronal cross-section of a mouse brain is stained blue. The entire outer edge and occasional points further inside are speckled with yellow-green dots. The background behind the brain is black.
February 28, 2024