We Finally Know How General Anesthesia Knocks You Out

Two vials of propofol, a milky liquid, rest on a hospital shelf next to a small yelllow bin
July 15, 2024

MIT’s new tech shows whole brain hemispheres in 3D detail

Three panels show a zoomed out chunk of colorfully labeled brain tissue and two magnified insets. One shows that the imaged tissue is 3mm thick. The other shows different brain cells and vasculature distinguished by staining in 12 different colors.
June 13, 2024

MIT camera chip improves views of neural behavior

Matthew Wilson stands at an MIT podium with the Picower Institute logo behind him
June 11, 2024

Modeling the Dose-Dependent Effects of Ketamine

A portrait of Emery Brown
May 28, 2024

What science tells us about Biden, Trump and evaluating an aging brain

Earl Miller sits smiling at his desk with data on his computer screen
May 18, 2024

The 'Fever Effect' May Unlock New Autism Treatment

A portrait of Gloria Choi
May 16, 2024