role the hippocampus plays in certain types of visual memory.

Picower Professor Mark Bear
July 30, 2021

Wearing Down of Protective System in Brain May Underlie Huntington’s

A diagram shows a brain leading to computer code and circuits leading to a flowinig, wavelike mathematical plot
July 27, 2021

'Light Flash' Treatment Might Help Slow Alzheimer's

A portrait of Li-Huei Tsai with a white background
July 27, 2021

Brain region is key locus of learning: Neuroscientists

A diagram of the human brain from front to back features a blue almond shape almost down toward the neck. Lines extend from it around the rest of the brain indicating the circuits it feeds.d the main projections it make
July 25, 2021

Bunny the "talking" dog is reporting her dreams, opening up a scientific debate

Sherman Fairchild Professor in Neurobiology Matthew Wilson
July 24, 2021

Why this year of disrupted routines messed with our sense of time

A blusih tinted image shows fluorescently labeled mouse hippocampus tissue supreposed over a sheet of graph paper with patterns of blue dots
July 15, 2021