A young man stands at a computer desk with his hands on the keyboard. Two monitors display images with brightly colored spots, which are fluorescently labeled cells

Research Scholars Program

The Research Scholars Program (RSP), is a post-baccalaureate opportunity hosted in our Brain and Cognitive Sciences (BCS) complex at MIT. The program is designed to provide outstanding recent college graduates from historically underrepresented groups and/or economically disadvantaged backgrounds with additional academic training, as they earn a full graduate-level stipend, to become competitive PhD applicants.

RSP Participants in Picower Labs

  Years Name Undergraduate Institution Picower Lab
A portrait of Josefina Correa 2017-2019 Josefina Correa University of Puerto Rico Matt Wilson
A portrait of Jorge Yanar 2017-2019 Jorge Yanar Loyola University Earl Miller
A portrait of Eric Bueno 2021-2023 Eric Bueno University of Connecticut Steve Flavell
A portrait of Jonathan Harpe 2022-2024 Jonathan Harpe North Carolina Central University Mriganka Sur
A portrait of Shaniah Prosper 2022-2024 Shaniah Prosper Simmons College Li-Huei Tsai
A portrait of Payton Dupuis 2023-2025 Payton Dupuis Montana State University Troy Littleton