A young man stands at a computer desk with his hands on the keyboard. Two monitors display images with brightly colored spots, which are fluorescently labeled cells

Research Scholars Program

The Research Scholars Program (RSP), is a post-baccalaureate opportunity hosted in our Brain and Cognitive Sciences (BCS) complex at MIT. The program, jointly funded by The JPB Foundation, the BCS department, K. Lisa Yang,  the McGovern Institute for Brain Research, and The Picower Institute for Learning and Memory is designed to provide outstanding recent college graduates from historically underrepresented minority groups and/or economically disadvantaged backgrounds with additional academic training, as they earn a full graduate-level stipend, to become competitive PhD applicants. 

RSP Participants in Picower Labs

Years Name Undergraduate Institution Picower Lab
2017-2019 Josefina Correa University of Puerto Rico Matt Wilson
2017-2019 Jorge Yanar Loyola University Earl Miller
2021-2023 Eric Bueno University of Connecticut Steve Flavell
2022-2024 Jonathan Harpe North Carolina Central University Mriganka Sur
2022-2024 Shaniah Prosper Simmons College Li-Huei Tsai