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The Picower Institute for Learning and Memory at MIT focuses the talents of a diverse array of brain scientists on a single mission: unraveling the mechanisms that drive the quintessentially human capacity to remember and to learn, as well as related functions like perception, attention and consciousness.
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The human brain is remarkably powerful and astonishingly adaptable. It is also fragile, subject to devastating symptoms stemming from disease and damage. A marvel of biological engineering, the brain’s complexity is at once daunting and tantalizing […]

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The Picower Institute’s internal leadership is comprised of a scientific component and an administrative/headquarters component, with Li-Huei Tsai as the Director of both components […]

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History & Mission

The Picower Institute for Learning and Memory is an independent research entity within MIT’s School of Science, with faculty members holding academic appointments in the Department of Brain and Cognition Sciences […]

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The RIKEN-MIT CNCG is lead by Nobel laureate Professor Susumu Tonegawa. Created on April 2008 by a joint MIT and RIKEN effort […]

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Core Facilities & Resources

These core facilities integrate the various research goals of members of the Picower and McGovern Institutes, the Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences and the Broad Institute […]

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Graduate Students

Graduate students interested in Picower Institute opportunities should go through Admissions at the Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences or the Department of Biology at MIT. […]

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This section lists faculty, research, administrative and support positions available at the Picower Institute for Learning and Memory […]

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Contact & Directions

For a list of contacts and directions to the Picower Institute […]

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