A stretch of neuron represented as dots colored to indicate the release probability of active zones.
July 10, 2018
What separates the strong from the weak among connections in the brain
In comic strip fasion, a woman is depicted as progressing from questioning to understanding.
July 10, 2018
As brain extracts meaning from vision, study tracks progression of processing
A tangle of neurons, colored ice blue, shimmer in the PPC of a mouse.
July 3, 2018
Study shows where brain transforms seeing into acting
A section of dendrite snakes through the frame from upper left to lower right
June 22, 2018
MIT scientists discover fundamental rule of brain plasticity
Side-by-side images of hippocampuses, one glowing brighter because it is expressing neuogranin.
June 4, 2018
Protein pair quickly makes memories of new places

Study IDs important role for specific gene in 16p11.2 deletion autism

March 20, 2018
Research Findings
Study finds MVP protein needed for homeostatic plasticity

"What made me aware I wanted to study the brain?"

March 18, 2018
Brain Awareness Week 2018
Picower Institute researchers discuss their early inspiration

Making waves for health

March 1, 2018
News feature
Innovative insights, methods raise clnical potential of instilling brain waves

How flashing lights and pink noise might banish Alzheimer’s, improve memory and more

February 28, 2018
In the media
Neuroscientists are getting excited about non-invasive procedures to tune the brain’s natural oscillations

At AAAS, Brown explains how statistics, neuroscience improve anesthesiology

February 16, 2018
At the lectern
Putting the brain at the center of practice

With new grant, MIT neuroscientists will give 'invisible' cells a new look

February 8, 2018
New research
Astrocytes may 'partner' with neurons to process information

New study reveals how brain waves control working memory

January 26, 2018
Research findings
Brain rhythms act as a gate for information entering and leaving the mind.

Distinct brain rhythms, regions help us reason about categories

January 25, 2018
Research Findings
Gamma rhythms sort similar-looking objects; beta kicks in when connection is more abstract

Lifting the veil on ‘valence,’ brain study reveals roots of desire, dislike

January 23, 2018
Research Findings
Research reveals inner workings of amygdala, which assigns feelings to experiences

Rhythmic interactions between cortical layers control what we hold in mind

January 15, 2018
Research findings
A new study by MIT neuroscientists suggests a model for how we gain volitional control of working memory

How the brain selectively remembers new places

December 25, 2017
Research findings
Neuroscientists identify a circuit that helps the brain record memories of new locations.

Recalculating time: A novel algorithm enables statistical analysis of time series data

December 21, 2017
Research findings
MIT researchers have developed a novel approach to analyzing time series data sets using a new algorithm, termed state-space multitaper time-frequency analysis